USDA Weather Crop Report

USDA Weather Crop Report

USDA Weather Crop Report

The USDA’s weekly weather and crop report came out for the days of June 2nd through the 8th and here are some of the highlights. Tropical Storm Andrea brought heavy rains to the east this past week while the Midwest stayed dry for several days.

This dry weather persisted for several days and along the central and eastern corn belt and promoted rapid soybean planting. 

The above drought map showed the anticipated conditions until August 31, 2013 shows a promising outlook for both North Dakota and Michigan. By the weeks end, corn producers had planted 95 percent of this years corn crop.

This is 5 percentage points behind last year and 3 points behind the past 5 year average. Overall, 65 percent of the corn crop was reported in good to excellent condition, which is only 3 percentage points down from last year.  

94% of this years rice crop has emerged by June 9th, only 2 percentage points behind last year but higher than the past 5 years average. 62% of the rice crop has emerged in good to excellent condition but is still 7 points behind last year. 

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