Small Business Majority

Small Business Majority

Our company was recently interviewed on Small Business Majority Org. for an article on family-owned businesses. F. Garcia Wholesale would like to say thank to them for considering us for their story.  They do an excellent job of putting small family-owned businesses in the spotlight. Being involved in a family-owned business has its advantages and obstacles. Working with family members requires a great amount of patience and a bit more patience after that. Getting to understand the in’s and out’s of every aspect of any business usually requires learning the simplest of tasks to then learning more complex ones. “Starting at the bottom of the ladder” is typically the best way to learn.

I remember starting my first job at age 13 working at a small local store in my neighborhood and sweeping the floor was my first BIG TASK! As anyone can imagine after two months of sweeping practice I became very proficient and was taught other jobs in the store, like making copies of house keys. Eventually, after working there several summers I was promoted to different positions like cashier, photo developer, and assistant to the store manager. I was even given my own set of keys to the store when I was age 15!

Fast forward 13 years later, after studying at a university and holding several other jobs I then joined the family business and guess what? My first job was working in the warehouse and being given the job of sweeping! After sweeping so many aisles over the course of several summers back at my local store growing up, I considered myself a professional in this area and new I would excel! Little by little I began learning all the different aspects of the family business and began moving up the ranks in the company. I learned to purchase, be a salesman, good customer service, transportation/logistics, and most importantly how to get along with a team of people who are not only colleagues but family members.

Being in business for yourself is one of the greatest and hardest opportunities anyone can experience. Working with family adds complexity to any business but knowing your colleagues are family members who are working towards the same goal of success provides a feeling of assurance and support only family can give.

Bottom line: Family matters

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