Beans and Rice Helping Their Community

“Beans and Rice” Helping Their Community

Happy Feel Good Friday Everyone! A group called “Beans and Rice” is making a difference within their community helping those in low income families. It is nice to hear some good news amongst all the bad news this past week. Have a happy and safe weekend from us at F.Garcia!

Beans and Rice, a community economic development organization, works to improve the economic well-being of low-to-moderate income families and children. The organization helps these families meet short-term basic needs while they work to make long-term changes to become stable.

About 40 percent of income for Beans and Rice is from volunteer services and donated goods, 21 percent from local government sources, 20 percent from the federally funded AmeriCorps program, and 11 percent from foundation, trusts, and corporate grants. Only 3 percent of revenue for Beans and Rice from private donations.

“We need additional full-time paid staff positions to ensure the programs we provide and resources we leverage are delivered effectively,” Bucey said. “To do that we need to increase contributions from the local community.”