F. Garcia Wholesale & Export is a leader in food export of U.S. dried beans and grain products. All of our food is grown, processed, and packaged in the U.S.A. Our network of farmers and food processors have the technologies needed to continue producing sustainable high quality food products. We have an efficient distribution system that gives our clients easy access to local raw and processed ingredients. Our primary export markets are the Caribbean, Latin Americas, Europe, and Africa. Food products can ship to your final port of call, or offered to any major U.S. ports. Modes of shipment include full truckloads, inter-modal, rail car, and ocean vessel. F. Garcia provides its clients with access to U.S. food and agriculture products while supporting American farmers.

Quality and Consistency

  Quality products start with quality raw materials, and the United States is blessed with abundance. Our company and employees take pride in the quality and consistency of our products.Through hard work and several decades, F.Garcia Wholesale & Export has become one of the leading food exporter in the Southeast. We now market to over fifteen countries world wide and are known for quality, service, reliability, and integrity. Our business works closely with the USDA and other lawful third-parties to ensure laws, rules, and proper food export conduct is followed.  Clients around the world equate the F. Garcia brand name with quality. 

Food Products

Dry Edible Beans:

Pinto, Black, Navy, Small Red, Lentils, and Garbanzo


Yellow Flaking Grit, Brewers Grit, Yellow Snack Meal, Yellow Cornmeal, Yellow Flour



Long Grain Milled Rice

White, Parboiled, Brown

Exotic Rice

Basmati and Jasmine Rice

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To learn further about USDA inspection requirements for a particular country please click here to learn more

Food Export

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