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Recipes and Food Preparation

Not familiar with beans? Ever wondered if you could cook beans in a rice cooker? Wish you had some new ideas for family meals? Take a look at some of the recipes and tips we offer and get inspired! Visit our social media sites to learn new recipes and new ways to add beans, pulses and grains into your diet.

Cultures and Traditions

Beans, grains, corn and pulses play an important role in cultures around the world. Since food and culture are so closely tied together, we offer information on a variety of cultures and traditions. Follow us on Pinterest to learn more about the Caribbean, Cuba, Mexico, Haiti and other cultures.

Nutrition and Health Benefits

Seems like people around the nation are becoming more conscious of what they eat all the time. As a result, F.Garcia offers healthy and nutritious products. But don’t take our word for it. Our social media sites frequently give you more information about nutrition.

Farming and Agriculture

Quality agriculture means good food. We spotlight our farmers on social media so you can get a peek into their lives and see how they grow the foods you eat.F.Garcia Wholesale & Export and all its employees are proud to play such an important role in feeding the world. As a family owned company, we treat our customers like family. By sharing information, we want to help everyone enjoy our products to the fullest.
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