Quality Agriculture Means Good Food!


Food Beans

Global Dry Edible Bean Suppliers & Exporters of Pintos, Black, Small Reds,
and Navy Beans.

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Food Rice

Top Suppliers of Extra Long Grain White Rice, Parboiled, Basmati, and Jasmine Rice.

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Food Corn

Wholesale Premium USDA Quality USA Corn Products: Cornmeal, Grit, Snack Meal, Corn Cones

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Food Wheat

F.Garcia Wholesale & Export is a Leading Distributor of
Whole Grain Cracked Bulgur Wheat

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Food Flour

We Supply All-Purpose Flour With High Quality Protein
Perfect for Bakeries

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F.Garcia Wholesale & Export, Inc.

United States Food Suppliers

F.Garcia Wholesale & Export, Inc. is a leading dry edible bean and grain supplier in the United States. We are a family owned company and began operating in Miami Florida in 1974. F.Garcia products originate from American farmers and are processed according to USDA standards. We supply dry edible beans, rice, corn, and wheat products to the food service industry. Packaging is offered in 20lb. 25lb. 50lb. 100lb. and 2000lb. totes. Customers include top national food service companies, institutions, regional distributors, and export companies. We operate throughout the Southeast and Upper Midwest United States regions.

F.Garcia is recognized as the premium brand of pinto and black beans. We are the preeminent exporter to food markets in the Caribbean, Americas, and Africa. Our company specializes in the following varieties of dry edible beans: pintos, blacks, small reds, and navy. 

All products are processed according to USDA standards and are graded for the highest quality standards. For over forty years, our family has been dedicated to serving our customers with quality service, food, and value. F.Garcia Wholesale & Export and all it’s employees are proud to be part of an industry dedicated to feeding people across the world. We invite you to become part of our family of customers and understand why quality agriculture means good food!