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Leading Food Supplier

F.Garcia Wholesale & Export, Inc. is a leading food supplier located in Miami-Florida. We are a family owned and operating business which started in 1974 serving our local community in South Florida. Since 1974, we have grown our operations here in the USA and to new international markets abroad. During the last 46 years we have focused on healthy wholesome foods such as dry edible beans and grains grown, processed, and packaged in the United States. We focus on providing value to our customers through market expertise, personalized customer service, and quality food products. F. Garcia has become one of the largest suppliers of dry beans such as pinto, black, navy, lentils, small red, garbanzo (chickpeas) and other pulses. We are also a leading supplier of milled rice and yellow corn products. Our portfolio of customers include national food service suppliers, big box retail chains, institutions, and export companies. It is our mission to provide the highest quality USA dry edible beans and grains to our customer around the world.

 USA Grown Beans and Grains

Firstly, we support American agriculture and growers. For this reason, all of our food products are grown and processed right here in the USA! We have a network of growers, processors, transport experts, and staff ready to support our clients. Secondly, because of our network and processing facilities in different regions across the country we are well positioned to service domestic and export customers. Thirdly, we are minutes from the Port of Miami and very close to Port Everglades. This allows us to service international customers quickly and efficiently. Moreover, because of our high standards all food products meet or surpass USDA grade specs. Subsequently, we have become a leading food supplier and exporter of dry beans, pulses, milled rice and corn. 


Most importantly, we treat our customers like family. Caring about customers and helping them succeed in their business allow us to be fruitful in ours. Serving wholesome healthy food, providing immense value, and being dedicated to our customers has allowed us to expand. As a result, we now operate from the Upper Midwest across to the East coast and most of the Southeast United States. We also export to over 20 countries around the world from the Caribbean to South and Central America, as well as Europe and Africa. For the past several years, we also have been working with nonprofit agencies, relief missions, and charitable organizations from around the world.

Above all, our family, company, and employees are proud helping contribute to feeding the world. Please contact us to become part of our family and learn why quality agriculture means good food!