Leading Dry Bean & Grain Suppliers I Exporters of Pinto, Black, Small Reds,
and Navy Beans.


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Wholesale Suppliers of Extra Long Grain, Parboiled, Basmati, Jasmine, and Other Quality Rice Products.


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Food Service Suppliers and Exporters of Premium Quality USA Yellow Corn Meal I Corn Feed


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F.Garcia Wholesale & Export is a Supplier I Exporter I Distributor of United States Bulgur Wheat


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Suppliers I Exporters of All-Purpose Flour With High Quality Protein
Perfect for Bakeries


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Wholesale Dry Edible Bean & Grain Suppliers

F.Garcia Wholesale & Export, Inc. is one of the leading wholesale bean and grain suppliers in the United States. Our family owned company began operating in Miami Florida in 1974 and supplies premium quality dry edible beans, rice, wheat, flours, and corn products from American growers.

 We have been supplying national food service companies, institutions, distributors, and export clients for 40 years. Our company operates in the Southeast United States and Upper Midwest and is also one of the leading food suppliers to export markets in the Caribbean and beyond. F.Garcia Wholesale exports beans and grains to major consumers in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Bahamas, and Africa.

Service, value, and consistent quality are a few of the reasons why F.Garcia Wholesale & Export has become a leading supplier of dry edible beans and grains. Our company is committed to the bean and grain industry because we understand how important these staple food products are to our health. Beans & grains have long been recognized for their healthful benefits and nutritional properties. Our family is proud to contribute towards the health of our customers around the world. 


Our core values 100%
Source Only The Highest Quality Agricultural Products 100%
Operate with Integrity 100%
Be Reliable 100%
Customer's Needs Are Priority 100%
Support Agribusiness & Farmers 100%