Latin Food Service Grows

Latin Food Service Grows

Latin Food Service Grows

Major growth is quietly taking place inside the food service industry within the largest US Latin cities. Latino’s are now the largest minority group in the United States and is growing. Cities such as Miami-L.A.-New York-San Antonio-Chicago-Dallas and others are continuing to grow at rapid pace. Whether through legal means or not it is obvious the Latin population will continue to increase in the United States during the near future.

Due to this trend, the food service industry is becoming a larger buyer of dry beans and rice because of growth in these cities. It’s no secret Latinos enjoy and require most meals be served with rice and beans for lunch or dinner.

Every day roughly 14% of the entire US consumes dry edible beans alone, not including rice; and the average American consumes about 25 lb. of rice per year (4 lb. comes from drinking beer). As more and more people migrate from Latin America bean and rice consumption should continue to grow as well.

For 47 years, F.Garcia Wholesale & Export, Inc. has been proud helping serve the food service industry and it’s export clients around the world. We offer one of the highest quality dry edible bean and grain products to the food service industry. Every dry edible bean and grain product we offer is been processed to USDA standards. Our product line includes Black beans, Pinto beans, Small red beans, Navy beans, Corn meal, and Long Grain Rice product.

These are staple items in the food service industry for Latin markets. Experienced chefs in the best restaurants recognize the F.Garcia quality. They rely on our beans and rice for that real authentic Latin taste.

To learn more about USDA bean specifications please click here.

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