This week.

*Bean prices stay frozen

*Metals tumble

*Waiting for the apocalypse

HO-HO-HO and Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you’ve all been good little boys and girls this year because Santa is coming to town on Tuesday! Besides the family, feasts, and friends we enjoy this time of the year, I really look forward to watching  “A Christmas Story” for a straight 24 hrs on TBS. They have been doing it now for several years and it has become a holiday tradition in my home, I will have at least 1 TV in my home dedicated to playing it for the 24hrs period so at any given time I can laugh my beans off!

Getting back to bean prices, conditions continue to be quiet and pleasant around the dry bean market as most participants seem to be in the holiday spirit with focusing on things other than business. The only real movement came out of WA/ID, as growers weren’t scared to take advantage of a quiet market and increase bid levels by a buck and a-half. Beyond this, there was no other movement in prices for dry beans as everyone waits for the holidays to pass or futures markets change direction. Speaking of changing directions, that’s exactly what happened to Metals this week as Gold and Silver tumbled below $1650 & $30 and still trying to settle a Friday close at these levels. Corn finally penetrated below $7 a bushel, Soybeans has been quite volatile all week first being up then downward testing $14 floor.

Well, we’re about 9 hrs away from escaping the end of the world and I’m feeling pretty good so far, hopefully the remaining hours will pass without a cataclysmic or ET experience from occurring and we can all be here next week to meet again. But seriously people, whatever does happen, just remember we’re all in this together, for better or for worse. We are all mankind even though not all of us act in ways that exemplify mankind’s virtues. It is not easy to do the correct thing all the time or go against popular consent.