wholesale bean grain supplier

Wholesale Bean Grain Supplier

F. Garcia Wholesale & Export, Inc. started selling food over 43 years ago in Miami Florida. In 1974, our company began serving small clients, local suppliers, and food distributors with assorted dry food products. Our dry food product line revolved around the food service industry which served many restaurants, bakeries, and other merchants in the growing Latin community in Miami and surrounding areas. Our customers needed a diverse blend of commodities such as tomato products, flours, shortenings, oils, salt, and other foods necessary. As Miami’s population continued growing throughout Florida, our company became known for excellent customer service, quality foods, and value.

Our customer’s needs has always been our main focus. As the years passed the quality products, service, and value we provided allowed us to expand beyond our roots in Miami. In the 1980’s and 1990’s, we extended operations into the Caribbean with various types of staple commodities such as dry beans, rice, bulgur wheat, and corn products. In the past 25 years, we have established our food products into Haiti, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, and Jamaica. In the past decade we have reached new export customers in Angola, Liberia, Brazil, and Venezuela.

F.Garcia dry bean and grain food products can be found throughout major cities such as: Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Nashville, Chicago, Columbus, and into the Ohio Valley.

In our 43 years serving the food service industry, F.Garcia Wholesale & Export, Inc. has grown from a humble distributor located in the heart of Miami-Florida into an industry leading dry edible bean & grain supplier in the USA. Today we have the privilege of serving the national food service industry, retail chains, and export customers around the world.


wholesale bean grain supplier