Michigan black beans


F. Garcia is a leading Michigan black bean supplier. Our beans are tender, flavorful, high quality and cook quickly. Black beans are characterized by their strong earthy flavor and can be used in a variety of dishes, salads, dips, snacks, and soups. We distribute to a network of food service companies, institutions, and export clients. Because we want to supply our family of customers with the highest quality beans in the world all our dry beans are Non-GMO.

Firstly, the Great Lakes cause a special micro climate for farming due to the moisture levels in the air. . Secondly, the fertile soil and moisture combine to make a unique growing climate for beans and other crops. Over 1000 growers in the State of Michigan help produce high quality black beans for the world.

 Black beans are also called turtle beans and are one of America’s top selling varieties. Since Americans now eat a wider variety of cuisines from around the world, bean consumption is on the rise. Another reason is the growing Latin American population in the United States.

All beans are healthy and help: 

Stabilized blood sugar

Diabetes management

Lower blood pressure

Decreased risk of heart disease

Healthy bones

Lower risk of cancer

Aids digestion

Reduced appetite and increased satiety

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Michigan Black Bean Suppliers