F. Garcia Wholesale & Export is one of the leading suppliers of USA long grain rice. We market white, parboiled, and brown rice to retail and export customers. Reacting to our clients needs quickly is important to us. Our mission is to ensure every customer receives the highest quality rice and professional customer service. Shipping options include truckload, inter modal, rail, and ocean vessel.


 Rice is one of the most complete foods and is a natural whole grain. It contains complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, 0 trans fat, no sodium, and gluten free. Our long grain rice cooks steady and has characteristics of being light and fluffy. We believe having the healthiest foods at the dinner table nourishes our body and mind.

Firstly, our rice is non-GMO, grown, processed, and packaged in the United States. Secondly, our grower network stretches along the largest rice growing states. Thirdly, because our rice has steady cooking results, yummy taste, and fluffy grains our brand has become a leading choice among chefs. Moreover, our products are ready for the food service industry and global rice export clients. For further information on nutrition of rice please click here.


The final step in growing rice is the milling process and is one of the most important aspects to producing high quality rice. As a result, our suppliers use the most advanced processing solutions such as pre-cleaning, paddy handling, storage, optical sorting, and milling. For that reason this allows us to deliver to our customers excellent and consistent quality. Every load of rice goes through a vigorous scrutiny, quality assurance, and proper sanitation guidelines.Our network partners work with the highest standards in rice farming, equipment, processing, and packaging. In conclusion, we deliver wholesome rice to the food service industry and clients around the world. Our rice products are food service quality ready and have been trusted for over 45 years. We invite you to become part of our family of customers.

To learn further about USA Long Grain Rice specs please click here.


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