Food Service

Dry Edible Grains

food service suppliers dry grains

Bulgur Wheat, Corn meal, Grits

Suppliers of Yellow corn products and dry edible grains

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food service suppliers pulses

Chickpeas, Lentils, Green peas,Yellow Peas

Exporters of dry beans and

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food service suppliers rice

White Rice, Parboiled, Jasmine, Basmati

USA Distributors of rice

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Super Foods

food service suppliers: ancient grains

Quinoa, Chia, Bulgur

Suppliers of super foods and ancient grains of chia & quinoa

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Food Service Supplier

F.Garcia Wholesale & Export is a leading supplier to the food service industry for dry edible beans and grains. For over forty years, we have focused on quality, service, and value. Our company is located from Miami-Florida and distributes beans & grain products to along the East Coast and Upper Midwest. We market wholesale dry edible beans and grains to national food service distributors, retail chains, and institutions. F.Garcia Wholesale & Export supplies it’s dry edible beans and grains in the following pack sizes: 20lbs, 25lbs, 50lbs, and 100lbs. Full truckloads, containers, or less than truckload quantities are offered on all our products. 

As a family owned business, we consider each bag of product as it were going in our own family’s kitchen. We know the importance of good quality food in maintaining a healthy-balanced nutrition and understand the diverse needs of our consumers. This is why many of our high quality food products meet the standards for gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian diets.

F.Garcia and all it’s emplyoees are proud of our agribusiness network of partners. It is through these special relationships we can deliver the highest quality dry edible bean and grain products to our customers throughout the world.

food service suppliers

food service suppliers