Michigan black beans

F.Garcia Michigan Black Beans

Michigan Black Beans

First, we believe that the best black beans grow in Michigan. This is due to the special micro-climate surrounding the Great Lakes that creates Michigan’s bean growing region. Fertile soil and moisture from the Lakes combine to make a unique growing climate. Thus, Michigan produces the world’s best black beans.

F. Garcia Wholesale & Export is a major supplier of Michigan Black Beans, both domestically and abroad. Our black beans are one of the bestselling brands because of their tenderness, flavor, quality and cookability. Black beans are cooked in many ways and can be used in a variety of dishes, salads, dips and soups. Characterized by their strong earthy flavor, F. Garcia Michigan black beans are polished and the finest example of what black beans should look, cook, and taste like.

Considered an international bean variety, black beans grow all over the world – in Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Central America, China and the United States. Also, known as turtle beans, they have become one of America’s top selling bean varieties. Since Americans now eat a wider variety of cuisines from around the world, bean consumption is on the rise. Another reason is the growing Latin American population in the United States.

F. Garcia distributes to a network of food service customers, institutions and export customers. Because of this, we want to supply our family of customers with the highest quality black beans in the world. Packaged in 20, 25, 50 and 100 pound bags, our Michigan Black Beans are ready to ship.

Furthermore, all our dry beans, including our F. Garcia Michigan Black Beans, are NON-GMO and conventional. We also have organic beans upon special request.

In general beans are nutritious and healthy. Some of the health benefits of eating beans include:

Stabilized blood sugar

Diabetes management

Lower blood pressure

Decreased risk of heart disease

Healthy bones

Lower risk of cancer

Better, healthier digestion

Reduced appetite and increased satiety

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