Dry Edible Bean Prices Week of April 16


Dry edible bean prices were steady this week with very little movement in price action. Most bean varieties were unchanged by $1+-, or they were established. Here’s a quick breakdown of the price action:

Pintos: $1- on the bid side from N.Dakota/Minnesota dealers. Pinto growers finally decided to established a range for themselves with $45 to $50’s expectations.

Great Northern’s saw a $1 firm up from last week.

Small Red Bean growers in WA/ID established $45-$48 expectations and Black Bean dealers in Michigan remained steady with $50 price targets with continued aspirations this support level holds.

Green Pea Splits saw a nice $1-$2 bump up on the bid & ask.

Bottom line- Slow and steady overall, watching the weather forecast will be much more interesting & fun. Lets all hope & pray the right weather conditions occur for everyone’s planting.