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Yellow Corn Products

The peoples of Mexico first domesticated corn around 10,000 years ago. Over the next few thousands of years, trade between people groups spread corn across the Americas. During the 15th and 16th centuries, European explorers transported it back to their home countries. Because of its ability to grow in a variety of climates, corn then quickly spread around the globe.

For many millennia, corn ingredients have been a staple food for humans as well as livestock. It is easy to prepare and can be cooked and eaten whole. Since corn is such a versatile plant, it is used to make cornmeal, corn oil and even distilled alcoholic beverages.

In addition to being widely consumed around the world, corn is extremely healthy. Also, corn is a good source of fiber and protein. Furthermore, it contains several B vitamins, vitamin A, antioxidants and a variety of minerals like magnesium and phosphorus.

Known as ‘maize’ in many parts of the world, there are several types of corn: dent corn (field corn), flint corn (calico corn), pod corn, popcorn, flour corn and sweet corn. Yellow corn is a type of sweet corn. Farmers and processors in the United States’ corn belt grow and process F.Garcia’s yellow corn. We supply three types of Yellow Corn Products to our family of customers.

First of all, F. Garcia’s Yellow Coarse Grit (or Brewer Grit) with its coarse grit size has a high extraction value and superior taste. Also, the uniform granulation makes it ideal for use by snack companies.

Secondly, our Yellow Snack Meal has consistent characteristics. As a result, it is perfect for extruded snacks, breakfast cereals, mix applications and corn baked products. Therefore this processed Yellow Snack Meal is ready for the foodservice industry.

Lastly, F.Garcia’s Yellow Corn Cones are ideal for use as a dusting agent, for mixes, batters, and breaded seasonings. And with their bright, yellow color and fine consistency granulation, they are snack and ready-to-eat breakfast cereal for industries.

Yellow Coarse Grit or Brewer Grit
* Coarse grit size

Yellow Snack Meal
Used for extruded snacks, breakfast cereals, mix applications and corn baked products

Yellow Corn Cones
* Bright, yellow and fine consistency granulation