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Wholesale Dry Bean-Grain Suppliers & Exporters

Wholesale Dry Bean-Grain Suppliers  & Exporters

We are a family owned company that started in 1974 in Miami FL. F.Garcia is a wholesale dry bean-grain supplier & exporter. Our focus is supplying bulk beans, long grain rice, bulgur wheat, corn meal, and flour to food service, dealers, institutions, and export clients. We operate in the Upper Midwest, East Coast, and Southeast United States. Our main export markets include most countries in the Caribbean. F.Garcia products can be found in Haiti, Dominican Rep., Jamaica, and Puerto Rico.

Service – value – and high grade products are some of the reasons we have become one of the most trusted wholesale dry bean-grain suppliers & exporters in the United States.

Export transactions of edible beans-grains are inspected by the USDA or third parties to ensure the highest standards and will include phyto-sanitary certificates, certificate of origin, and all freight docs.

Customers may visit our online store for free shipping to their home or office. Please visit our Online Bulk Bean and Grain Store.

Our core values are:

I) Source only the highest class beans and grains
II) Work with integrity
III) Be Reliable
IV) Keep customer’s needs a priority
V) Support agriculture


F.Garcia Export - USDA Inspected and Approved

USDA Inspected and Approved


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