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Bulk Edible Bean and Grain Wholesale Supplier

beans-importerFamily owned and operated since 1974 in Miami-Florida, F. Garcia Wholesale & Export is a United States dry edible bean and grain supplier. Our focus is supplying bulk beans, rice, wheat, corn, and flour to the food-service industry, wholesale distributors, institutions, and export transactions. We source, trade, and supply bulk agricultural commodities from different regions throughout the year to customers in North America, Europe, Mexico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, China, and Africa.

Reliability, customer service, value, and quality are some of the many reasons F.Garcia Wholesale & Export has become one of the most recognized bulk bean and grain suppliers in the United States.

Please visit our eCommerce store to purchase dry beans & grains, available in 50 and 100 lbs bags, and have them delivered to your door for FREE!

We take pride in conducting business with our core values:

  • Source only the highest quality commodities from the finest growers
  • Build every relationship with integrity, value, and reliability
  • Genuinely understand our customers
  • Support farmers and agricultural communities


F.Garcia Export - USDA Inspected and Approved

USDA Inspected and Approved






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Exporters of pinto, black, small red beans, and navy’s by bulk, container, truckloads, or pallets.


Distributors of parboiled and white long grain rice by bulk, rail, container, truckload, and pallets.

Wheat & Flour

Wheat and Flour
Suppliers of wheat and flour by bulk, rail, container, truckloads, and pallets.

Yellow Corn No.2

We are wholesale bulk exporters of corn by rail, truckload, and pallets.

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